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Bradley Whitford Obsessed
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A panel discussion:

INTERESTING BIT...Listen for Brad talking about working for fox in dallas! If I go back and listen again I'll edit this with a time.

and what is with the hair looking like a bad toupee?
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First, he writes for Veteran's Day! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/aaron-sorkin/supporting-our-troops_b_781543.html

Also, video clips that aren't just him saying the same things he always says! The initial video is part 3, but also watch part 2. http://www.movieline.com/2010/11/todd-phillips-and-aaron-sorkin-ream-the-wga-in-front-of-its-president.php
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It is a poorly done interview, then on top of that Brad says something in the middle which made me want to vomit.

Anyone know numbers yet for the fall premiere? I'm really hoping this thing is gone soon.
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not altogether! But, hopefully this pic works whereas the other didn't.

If it worked, happy belated b-day coloneljack!

The Aaron thing...if anyone can send me the article from W I'd appreciate it; my stupid computer doesn't like many, many things and that seems to be one of them.
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If anyone is curious about this I'd be shocked, but Presumed Innocent has a sequal. Set 20 years after the original, Innocent has most of the same characters, but no Jamie. Not that they'll definately make it into a movie anyway.
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KPCS is http://kevinpollakschatshow.com/

It's a live show, so you can send in questions.

And, since I haven't seen any mention of it on lj (and not even the above news could make me smile)...last week the house sold (and he bought in Pasadena), so the Divorce should be done soon.
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I didn't watch because it's on Fox, but I've found the whole thing. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xe7soq_the-kilborn-file-bradley-whitford-j_shortfilms
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