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Bradley Whitford Obsessed
Have you ever had a near-death experience? How close have you come to dying?

I'd say twice I felt like it was a near-death experience. One time I was choking on blood from my throat. It probably wouldn't have been bad except that it started while I was sleeping.

The other I had an allergic reaction to an infusion and I couldn't take in a breath. I remember trying to get attention without being able to make a sound.


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Credit to Caz first off as I stole the idea.  I haven't done anything on books (I DO still read a ton!), tv or anything really in ages.

a ghastly number of shows on my tivoCollapse )
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His site now has the full interview available!

And I'll repeat my two thoughts from previous post:
"my wife" and ewwww that last thing.

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Really looking forward to his spot tonight too.  All the promotional stuff for the show has been fun, but it will be nice to see him be a bit serious. 

In my nitpicky way, I already had a complaint from the clip.  When he says "acting school" I'm assuming he is trying not to seem "elitist" for the faux crowd, but this is for PBS!  And anyway anytime he used to mention JUILLARD (and it was a GRADUATE degree) he would make fun of it himself. 

ETA:  My bad!   Now that I've seen the whole thing, he did mention Juilliard earlier! 
Other things of interest from the interview:  "my wife" and just ewwww that last thing.
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 Why isn't Aaron Sorkin working with Tommy Shlamme and the rest of the Sorkin alums on Mr. Sunshine?  
They've got the whole behind-the-scenes set-up (this time it's an arena) that he loves. 
Check out this clip (Noone is screaming about orange guns!  A reason in itself to look forward to the show) http://theflickcast.com/2010/06/08/check-out-2-new-clips-from-matthew-perrys-mr-sunshine/
Aside from almost everyone having appeared on Studio 60 and having the urgency of that next show, what may be a bit tooo familiar is the animal on the loose!

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I am NOT going to do this everytime!  But tonight was the "premiere".  So, I again twitter-searched for reactions.  There seemed to be more good this time, but those aren't the ones I'm puttinghereCollapse )Sadly, these weren't funny like the first batch and just made me feel badly for him.
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Is Brad on Craig Ferguson's show Monday the 14th or Tues the 15th?

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The Good Guys did bad guys numbers in the ratings.

I didn't watch Brad's new show, for reasons I've discussed before. Quickly: I don't like guns,
I don't like car chases,
I like wit vs. spoof,
and I won't watch fox.

So, I've seen the mostly good reviews, but enjoyed when the bad reviews had the same comments I've made having not seen it!

Last night just after 9 when the show was over I did a tweet search...there were good, but the bad are priceless!
is it a retweet if its not on twitter?Collapse )
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Brad is going to be on Chelsea Lately Tuesday night. The show is on 11 PM on E.
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Aaron Sorkin writes! Nuff said.


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